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Carpet culture: What you need to know

There’s a reason carpet flooring is so popular. There are boundless colors, styles, and designs. Modern technology is always coming up with more aesthetics and function.

As always, the most educated consumer is the most successful, so learn a little about carpet before you visit any flooring store.

Amazing Hardwood Floors has been serving Northeast Connecticut for 10 years, and it’s not an option for us to do anything other than exceed customer expectations! We have a full inventory and provide services from installation to refinishing.

Call us for a free estimate; our showroom is in Bolton, CT and we also service Coventry, Tolland, Vernon, and Manchester.

Do I need padding?

Yes, you do. Padding is what sets the foundation for the carpet it ensures a beautiful, smooth flooring. It protects the rug and gives it that “springy” feeling that’s so nice on which to walk.

Understanding carpet

  • Pile. Before you begin shopping for carpet --and even before you walk into any flooring store--understand pile.

    Rugs with high piles are plush and often have long fibers like the Frieze or Shag.

    Berber is an example of a low pile rug; it is a loop construction, hand-woven and comes in both classic and modern patterns.

    Be sure to tell your flooring pro about the room in which you plan to install the rug. They aren’t all alike; for instance, high pile rugs are better for low traffic areas like the bedroom, while low pile surfaces are a bit sturdier, easier to clean and good for busy rooms like the living area or stairways.

  • Fibers. Both all-natural and synthetic fibers are superior.

    Wool is all-natural. It has a gorgeous all-white appearance with inherent dirt-repellent and durability characteristics built into the oils.

    The synthetics are nylon which is known for its superior strength and, as long as a protectant is applied, it will resist stains. Technology is always coming up with ways to make polyester more durable and it already has excellent stain resistance. Olefin is inexpensive, has good stain resistance and when in the Berber style, is durable. Those are the four basic fibers, but there are also silks, Triexta (which has the stain resistance built right into the fiber) and combinations.