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The two kinds of hardwood

When people hear the words “hardwood flooring,” they tend to automatically think of solid.

Over the years, however, another version, engineered hardwood, has taken a big share of the wood flooring industry and people often prefer it, especially when they want both beauty and a practical bent.

When you go into the store to buy hardwood flooring, be sure to tell your retailer about any challenges, such as leaky pipes or excessive spilling.

Amazing Hardwood Floors has been serving Northeast Connecticut for 10 years.

It’s not an option for us to do anything other than exceed customer expectations! We have a full inventory and provide services from installation to refinishing.

Call us for a free estimate; our showroom is in Bolton, CT and we also service Coventry, Tolland, Vernon, and Manchester.

Facts about engineered hardwood flooring

  • It is real wood, and it adds value to your home as solid does. Only the construction is different.

  • While solid is a slab that goes all the way through the plank, this is layered. There’s a top layer, sometimes called the veneer layer, and underneath at least three layers of genuine timber combined with some other materials.

  • That construction makes it more stable and better able to handle water. Engineered wood floors can also be installed in some places where solid cannot, such as in below-grade levels (i.e., the basement).

  • Like solid, engineered can be refinished and real estate sales associates say they can legally market them as wood flooring in their tools. (NOTE: Thicker is better and it will affect how many times the floor can be sanded.)
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Coventry, CT from Amazing Hardwood Floors

Facts about hardwood

Wood floors are:

  • Beautiful. Solid or engineered, wood floors give a rich, warm elegance to any home in any decor. As a result, they never go out of style. If you do want a change in color, just refinish and stain them.

  • Durable and long-lasting. As long as it’s maintained properly, you’ll have them for years. We've heard of cases where solid hardwood flooring has lasted for a century.

  • Cost-effective. When you look at the overall picture and consider that they'll last for a long time; that they never go out of style; and that they add value to a home you'll see that they are quite reasonable. There won't be any replacement costs unless there’s structural damage.