How often do hardwood floors need to be sanded and refinished? Depending on the traffic on your floors could impact the speed at which your wood floors wear. Under typical wear people typically refinish their floors every 7-10 years. This varies greatly, however, person to person. For example, wearing shoes within the house could wear down your wood finish more quickly. There are many indications that you may need your hardwood floors refinished. Worn spots occur in high traffic areas which can appear faded or cracked. Discoloration can also occur when hardwood floors are no longer protected by the sealer becoming discolored typically to a gray or yellow shade; this is often a result of moisture damage. In addition, deep scratches are an obvious sign where gouges can expose your wood floors to further water or dry damages. Lastly, homeowners can do a water test where you can simply pour a small amount of water on an open spot of the wood. If the water pools up, this means the sealer is likely still intact however, if the water seeps into the wood within a short amount of time the protective sealer has worn away, meaning the wood is no longer protected. We hope this was informative and may be of assistance. Consider Amazing Hardwood Floors for all your basic flooring needs.