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Q- Is there anything you need access to besides the house?

A- Yes! For the house we need the door to be unlocked, given a key or a neighbor to open the door for us. Besides the house we need access to a 220 volt power plus which is usually found behind your stove or dryer. This is required for our sanders. We also need access to your electrical panel just incase breakers are tripped.

Q- Do I need to do anything before the work starts?

A- Yes. You need to prep your house before we arrive.

Q- How do I prep my house?

A- To prep your house you need to:

  • Remove all furniture and belongings which include wall hangings, pictures and drapes. If belongings are still on the floor or in closets your floor will not be sanded.
  • Remove radiator covers if possible
  • Sweep your floors. Please pay attention to items that can damage our sanders like pennies and nails.
  • Mask off (cover) any items left in the work area or any doorways to keep the dust from traveling.

Q- Are you able to remove spots or stains from my floor?

A- Stains from pets, water or other sources can be sanded but might not come out all the way. If we are unable to sand out the stains than board repairs may be required. This can be done at an addition charge if not in the contract already. Please let us know in advance if you have any areas of concern so we can be prepared.

Q- Will my trim get ruined?

A- There is a good possiblitly the trim will get sanded or stained. The sanders need to rub against them to sand the entire floor. The best thing to do is either remove your trim before having your floors done or touch up the trim afterwards.

Q- Am I responsible for getting rid of garbage?

A- Yes but keep in mind dust is a fire hazard and should not be stored closely to your house. We can do dump runs and take jobsite trash for a nominal fee.

Q- How long will it take my floor to dry after the finish is put down?

A- For water-based finishes, allow at least 3 hours to dry and 8 hours for oil based (longer for higher humidity). On the first day, if you have to walk on the floor ONLY WEAR SOCKS!

Q- How long do I have to wait before I can move my furniture back into place?

A- Wait at least 24 hours (2-3 days are best) after final finish application to move any furnitureWait 2 weeks to put down any area rugs on water-based finishes and  4 weeks for Oil-based.

Q- How do I clean my floor afterwards?

A- We recommend and supply Bona cleaning products. You can pick one up in our showroom or we can have it delivered. Do not use any wax or petroleum cleaners such as Murphy’s Oil.

Q- Should I clean my house after my floor is finished?

A- Yes. Be prepared for some additional dusting, particularly on the walls and ceilings.