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Maintenance Checklist



  • Place doormats/rugs at entrances to collect damaging substances from being tracked onto floor
  • Dust mop/vacuum with a soft accessory. Hardwood cleans easily with a dry mop
  • For sticky spots use a soft damp cloth to gently scrub floor. Do not use any abrasive scouring pads with recommended cleaner as needed.
  • Don’t use harsh detergents, abrasive cleaners, or corrosive chemicals to clean floor
  • Avoid excessive water. Use mats to avoid spills (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) If spill occurs, blot it up immediately with a dry/damp cloth
  • Use only colorfast and non-scratch carpeting/pads for area rugs/runners
  • Protect floor from furniture legs and all spiked shoes (sports shoes/high heels)
  • Don’t expose to direct sunlight for long periods; periodically move area rugs




  • Stop dirt at door. Use mats, take off shoes, change air filters. The more dust/particles removed by filter, the less that falls on carpet
  • Vacuum to remove dirt. A better quality vacuum with a beater bar will make your carpet last longer.
  • Professionally clean carpet to maintain warranties. It is recommended that you clean your rug at least every 12-18 months, even if you clean them yourself in between. Hot water extraction takes the dirt out that your vacuum can not.
  • Clean spots and spills quickly so damage doesn’t occur. Blot up liquids with white paper towel, scoop up solids with a spoon. Apply spot removal agent to clean cloth not directly to spot. Don’t rub as this may cause spot to spread. Blot as dry as possible with clean cloth.
  • Use furniture glides or cups under the legs of heavy pieces as it can cause indentations in carpet




If you have any questions concerning the care and maintenance of your hardwood floors, don’t hesitate to call us. We will be happy to help. Stop in the showroom to pick up leaning supplies and felt pads, or give us a call and we can drop them off or ship them directly to you.